Cloud Memory Foam Mattress

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Allows your body to mould to the memory foam creating a natural sleep surface. Our mattress has a high density base support foam that will provide the correct support and posture when we need it the most. 

Main Features

  • High density memory foam gives support for each part of your body.
  • Base support foam gives comfort and relieves pressure on your hips, shoulders and arms.
  • A quilted confort top fabric layer of soft fillings adds to the support and comfort. 
  • easy to transport since the mattress is roll packaged, bagged and boxed.

8" (20cm) Depth
5cm layer of support foam
Quilted 100g fabric with matching border.
Roll Packed bagged and boxed for ease of transport. 
15cm layer of memory foam
Covered in a damask twill ticking anti-slip base fabric, single-sided sleep. 

Mattresses do NOT include bed frames.